Your own personal search engine....

HyperNet4 is a personal search engine and internet research tool. Built for PC users with average to advanced knowledge of computers, the internet and the risks involved, it is not for beginners or the inexperienced.

Scan and crawl the web with HyperNet4 and store information about web pages in a database for future analysis and private offline searches. The database can be manipulated to exclude URLs from search results, or added to your personal blacklist to prevent scanning that URL ever again. Basic and advanced scanning options allow for customized quality control of database information and provide more preferred search result data.

Search results will list web page titles and descriptions from their authors along with the content that relates to search queries.

HyperNet4 is only limited by your PC's processing power, internet connection speed and the size of your hard drive. However, the bigger the database being used, the more the system will chew up resources and eventually start slowing. To avoid this problem, the ability to save and load databases allows users to manage the system more efficiently.

Safety Issues: The internet has some nasty stuff on it. HyperNet4 has increased it's safety by including a blacklisting system and can also check the safety of unknown sites with McAfee's online site checker. HyperNet never actually runs scripts from web pages, it just stores and analyzes them. It is still recommend using good defensive software in conjunction with HyperNet, like firewalls.